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Use Embroidery When Impression Matters

There is no question that embroidery gives the impression that the business represented by the embroidered logo is a business that is around to stay. It also says that the company doesn’t cut corners. It is general knowledge that embroidery is usually more expensive than screen printing. While this isn’t always true, the perception is widely held.
When you are looking at smaller designs, such as a company logo, embroidery is often the best choice. You may even be surprised that the cost is about the same as for screen printing. You get positive brand exposure for at most a minimal increase in cost.



As digitizers, designers and all-around creative people, we know that originality and quality are paramount when it comes to your designs. If you’ve not already heard of it, 3D Foam, also known as 3D Puff, is a technique which allows you to raise the surface of your design can give your designs a complete creative boost, transforming them completely.s, making them essentially three-dimensional. 3D Foam